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Dragon Tear Tribe

The Dragon Tear Tribe was formed in the late 1990's.  It had a few different names in the years proceeding that and some different formats.  But the name and format that it is now has been the same for going on two decades.

The Tribe is my family.  I'm not a "collector" so the family is small.  To get into it there has to be a firm connection to me.  It might be through one of the other family members, but just because you are hooked up to one of my family members does not mean automatic family membership.  I usually take things very slow and watch.  I am cautious and deliberate when it comes to the family.

Not everyone in my family belongs to me.  In fact, few do.  They are all connected to me and in some cases may have belonged to me in the past or I may have trained them and they stayed in the family.  Along with that are a couple of friends and some of all these folks.

You can spot the members of the Dragon Tear Tribe, if they are at an event.  They have their Tribe patches on their vests.  The logo of the Tribe was created by a family member several years ago.

Most of the family members are local.  This gives us opportunities to see each other often and help each other out when needed.  What's the credo of the family? If you think I'm going to say respect, honor and integrity you're very wrong.  Whenever I hear people touting that line I always think the same thing....first, gag me and second if they have to tell me all about their honor and integrity, they must not have a lot of it.  If they did, it would be noticed and they wouldn't have to shout it.  My family is about just that, family.  Even if we weren't into leather we would still be chosen family.  Our connections are deeper than leather.  We have deep ties, we have squabbles and we have great times.  We somehow get through life's challenges and we share in life's joys.  We're just family.


Dragon Tear Tribe Logos



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